Washing & Repair

Wool rugs are among the most popular choices in the area rug industry thanks to their relatively low maintenance and exceptional appearance. The expert technicians at Infinity Rug Care offer top-quality cleaning services for wool rugs throughout the South Florida area. We can restore your valuable wool rugs to their former glory with advanced cleaning techniques and the greatest attention to detail possible. Our commitment to top-notch service ensures that your wool rugs will look great and stay fresher longer after a treatment from Infinity Rug Care. Between cleanings, here are some hints for keeping your rug looking great and in optimal shape all year around.

Take It Easy

While wool rugs can stand up to a fair amount of brushing, the roller brushes used in most vacuum cleaners can cause incremental damage to wool fibers over time. Instead, opt for a hand brush or use your vacuum roller brush only on the highest floor level setting. This can remove surface dust and lint while leaving deeper fibers untouched and undamaged.

Turn Things Upside Down

Most wool area rugs can be vacuumed on the reverse side to remove even more dust and grime from all areas of these floor coverings. This process can also provide you with added information on the current condition of your area rugs, allowing you to take prompt action at the first sign of excessive wear and tear.

Avoid Commercial Cleaning Solutions

The harsh chemicals often included in commercially available rug cleaners can damage or fade the dyes used to adorn your wool area rugs. Investing in occasional professional cleanings from the experts at Infinity Rug Care can ensure that your rugs stay beautiful and last longer even with daily use.

Keep Things Dry

Wool absorbs water efficiently, which can present serious problems after a large-scale spill. Blotting away water with clean white towels can help to prevent damage caused by prolonged exposure to liquids and can speed the drying process. If a liquid other than water has been spilled on your area rug, it is a good idea to schedule an appointment for a full cleaning with Infinity Rug Care. Our expert technicians can provide your wool rug with the tender loving care necessary to restore its original beauty.

The rug cleaning experts at Infinity Rug Care can provide a full range of cleaning and maintenance services for your Oriental, Persian and antique wool rugs to ensure that you derive the greatest enjoyment from these valuable items. Call our professional technicians today at 954-842-2787 to learn more about our full lineup of rug care services. We look forward to hearing from you.