Expert Help for Your Winter Rug Care Needs

Finding ways to keep your Oriental rugs clean and beautiful year after year will protect your investment in these valuable floor coverings. Winter rug care can be more difficult for homeowners in our area. While Florida is unlikely to see a great deal of snow, the inclement weather that sometimes occurs can result in mud and grime ending up on your rugs. Finding the right ways to avoid these issues will typically allow you to maintain the beauty of your rugs well into the future. If stains and dirt do reduce the beauty of your antique or Oriental rugs, Infinity Rug Care offers expert South Florida rug cleaning services designed with your needs in mind. Here are some helpful hints for keeping your antique rugs in tip-top condition during every season of the year.

Install Welcome Mats

Along with their message, welcome mats at the front and back doors can encourage your family members to wipe their feet before they bring dirt and mud into your home. This can protect your antique and Oriental rugs from damage that could be caused by repeated exposure to these outdoor pollutants. Your welcome mats can help you manage winter rug care more effectively now and in the future.

Vacuum Your Rugs

With a little normal care, your antique rugs can stand up to routine vacuuming with no issues. Avoid snagging the fringe on your rugs, as this can result in serious damage to these valuable items. If your rug does need repair, Infinity Rug Care can provide the South Florida rug cleaning and repair services you need to resolve problems quickly and effectively. This can provide you with greater peace of mind and greater confidence about the appearance and condition of your Oriental rugs in our service area.

Trust in the Professionals for Your Winter Rug Care Needs

One of the best ways to keep your antique rugs in great condition is to schedule regular cleanings with a professional rug care service like Infinity Rug Care. By using our 10-step process, our technicians have the proven knowledge and expertise needed to help your rugs look their very best year after year. We work with you to ensure that your rugs are well cared for throughout their useful life.

To learn more about the services offered by Infinity Rug Care, give us a call today at 305-842-3014. We offer South Florida rug cleaning services designed with your needs in mind.