Hiring a Afghan Rug Cleaning Expert

Afghan rugs are often overlooked in the Oriental rug marketplace because of ongoing issues with availability and political issues in Afghanistan that have affected the logistics of bringing these rugs to the United States. Afghan rugs are traditionally hand-woven and constitute a major source of income for many women in the country. These exquisite rugs are sometimes available at pop-up markets around the country, which could allow residents from our area to obtain one of these heirloom floor treatments. The right Afghan rug cleaning services will help to keep your rugs looking their best year after year. The South Florida rug cleaning experts at Infinity Rug Care will help you to enjoy the most beautiful surroundings and the longest functional life for your antique, Oriental and Afghan rugs.

The Infinity Rug Care Process

At Infinity Rug Care, we approach your Afghan rug cleaning project with the care and attention to detail that ensures the best results. Our 10-step process includes the following steps:

Inspection of your rug to determine whether damage is present and to provide you with an accurate assessment of its condition

  1. Testing for colorfastness and dye types
  2. Removing dust from the surface and pile of your rug
  3. Pretreatment of stains and application of odor reducing compounds to eliminate bad smells
  4. Washing your rug to remove ground-in dirt, dust and stains
  5. Thorough rinsing to eliminate traces of soap and cleaning chemicals
  6. Drying your rug on a flat bed or a hanging rack
  7. Cleaning and straightening of fringes on rugs that have them
  8. Applying fiber protection to keep your rug looking its best longer
  9. Inspecting your rug and returning it to your home or business

Afghan Rug Cleaning Services

By working with our team of antique, Oriental and Afghan rug cleaning experts, you can make sure that your rugs look and smell great and that they provide you with many years of useful service. Our South Florida rug cleaning experts will help you determine the best and most practical options for cleaning, repairing and restoring your rugs.

At Infinity Rug Care, we specialize in South Florida rug cleaning solutions that are designed to provide you with the greatest confidence and peace of mind when managing the care of these heirloom items. Call our team today at 305-697-4970 to schedule your rug cleaning project. We look forward to the chance to serve you.