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Living the Good Life in Sunrise, Florida

The famous Upside-Down House of Sunrise, Florida, was conceived and built as a marketing tool for the affordable homes available at Sunrise Golf Village in the 1960s. Sunrise was the brainchild of investor and real estate developer Norman Johnson, who later was named mayor of this community. Today, Sunrise is part of the greater Miami metropolitan area and offers a relaxed and inviting atmosphere for residents and guests alike.

Abundant Entertainment Options

Sunrise is known locally for its shopping and entertainment centers. Sawgrass Mills, for example, covers nearly 2.3 million square feet and offers numerous options for shopping, fast food, fine dining, and entertainment. After a long day of experiencing all that Sunrise has to offer its residents, however, most people look forward to a relaxing evening at home with friends and family.

Enjoying Greater Comfort at Home

Your rugs and carpets can make a real impact on your home d├ęcor. Making sure these floor treatments are clean and free of stains can allow you to take pride in the appearance of your Sunrise home and can ensure the healthiest and most wholesome environment for you and your family. Infinity Rug Care can help with the most advanced Sunrise Oriental rug cleaning solutions for your home and your family.

Special Care for People with Pets

Even the most careful and conscientious pets can have accidents from time to time. When those accidents involve your valuable rugs or carpets, however, it may be time to call Infinity Rug Care for fast removal of pet urine and other stains. Our Sunrise Oriental rug cleaning team can provide you with the most advanced solutions for pet urine and other stains to eliminate odors and restore your carpet or rug to its original beauty.

We Care for All Kinds of Carpets

Our experienced rug cleaning technicians can clean and repair all types of rugs and carpets. From antique heirlooms to modern area rugs, we can help your floor treatments look and perform at their best. Infinity Rug Care will work with you to determine the right approach for your Persian, Turkish, Indian or Oriental rug and will provide the tender loving care needed to restore it to its former beauty.

To learn more about our full lineup of services or to schedule a free estimate, call Infinity Rug Care today at 954-842-2787. Our expert rug cleaning and repair technicians will be happy to work with you.

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