Washing & Repair

Silk rugs offer unparalleled beauty and exceptional durability for use in offices and homes. At Infinity Rug Care, we have years of experience in cleaning and maintaining silk rugs professionally in the South Florida area. Our attention to detail allows us to produce outstanding results for all types of silk rugs and ensures that you enjoy the longest useful life from these exquisite works of practical art. Here are some tips for keeping your silk rug vibrant and beautiful between regular cleanings by Infinity Rug Care.

Avoid Heat and Light

The rays of the sun can generate significant heat and may even cause fading for your prized silk rug. Keep these valuable floor coverings out of direct sunlight. Excessive heat can also damage your delicate silk rug and may cause shrinkage that can seriously affect the value and usefulness of these exquisite floor coverings.

Vacuum with Care

If dust or debris settles on your silk rug, a light vacuuming is usually all that is needed to remove these unwanted particles. Silk rugs are exceptionally fragile, however, and can easily be damaged by vigorous brushing. Avoid the use of vacuums that use roller brushes to dislodge dirt. These tools can snag silk rugs to cause serious damage within only a few seconds.

Blot up Excess Liquid

If wine, soda or other liquids are accidentally spilled on your silk rug, it is essential to blot up as much as possible to prevent it from damaging the delicate dyes and colors of these items. Scheduling a cleaning with Infinity Rug Care as soon as possible after the spill can help you prevent any further damage and can ensure the most effective stain removal for your silk rugs. For spills consisting solely of water, blotting away the excess and allowing your rug to dry flat is usually adequate to protect against damage and other issues.

Avoid Dragging and Pulling

Silk rugs should be rolled before moving. Attempting to pull or drag these rugs can cause stress that can warp or stretch silk fibers, potentially causing irreparable damage to your valuable floor covering. If in doubt, consult with the professionals at Infinity Rug Care about the safest way to move your silk rug from one area to another.

At Infinity Rug Care, we can provide customized cleaning and care solutions for all your silk rugs. Our skilled technicians can design a care plan that suits your budget and your needs perfectly. Give us a call at 954-842-2787 to learn more about our expert services. We look forward to hearing from you.