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Persian rugs have been prized for centuries thanks to their intricate designs and brilliant colors. The first Persian rugs and carpets date back to the 5th century and have been found in archeological digs across Asia and eastern Europe. Today, these highly desirable rugs are found in private homes and offices throughout the world. At Infinity Rug Care, we are a proven South Florida rug cleaner with a reputation for excellence in this demanding industry. Here are some key points to remember about Persian rugs and their proper cleaning and care.

Originally Constructed by Nomadic Tribes

Most researchers believe that the first Persian rugs and carpets were woven by the nomadic tribes of the Persian Empire for sale in villages and for use by the tribes themselves. The patterns chosen for these rugs typically featured brilliant colors and artistic designs that made them very appealing as religious iconography and for use as adornment for the homes of the wealthy. Wool was the most commonly used material for these rugs and carpets and could be dyed to suit the artistic needs of the weaver. Many areas of this region still produce Persian rugs to the present day.

Regular Inspections Are Essential

Taking time out each month to inspect the knots and the surface of your Persian rug can allow you to identify any problems before they become serious issues that could affect the value of these items. By investing in occasional restoration services for your Persian carpets and rugs, you can enjoy the greatest longevity and enjoyment from these brilliant items of floor d├ęcor.

Restrict Home Cleaning Efforts

Most experts recommend that only pure, plain water be used to remove stains from antique rugs. The cleaning products available from supermarkets and retailers are typically not suited to these delicate rugs and should be reserved for less valuable carpeting and floor coverings. Commercially available products can damage the dyes and materials used to create Persian rugs, reducing their value and beauty permanently.

At Infinity Rug Care, we specialize in delivering the best and most effective cleaning services for all types of Persian rugs. Our South Florida rug cleaner technicians can provide the most convenient solutions and the best possible results for your rug or carpet. By investing in regular cleanings, you can enhance the beauty of these valuable items while ensuring that they stay in tip-top shape year after year. Call us at 954-842-2787 to discuss your rug cleaning needs with one of our experienced and friendly technicians. At Infinity Rug Care, we’re here to serve you.