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The Best in South Florida Antique Rug Cleaning from Infinity Rug Care

Antique rugs can provide beauty and elegance for your South Florida home. These valuable floor treatments can also serve as heirlooms that can be passed down from generation to generation. Strictly speaking, only rugs that are 50 years old or more can be classified as antique. Age is not the only indicator of a rug’s value, however, and some dealers may refer to valuable Oriental rugs as antique even though they do not meet the 50-year criterion. Investing in South Florida antique rug cleaning services on a regular basis can help you preserve the value of your floor treatments and can help your home look its best every day.

Types of Antique and Oriental Rugs

Rugmaking is one of the oldest artisanal professions on earth. As a result, antique rugs are available from regions all over the world. Each of these regions and countries uses its own unique designs and weaving styles:

  • Persian and Indian rugs are highly prized for their traditional colors and high knot counts.
  • Some Chinese rugs date back to the Ming dynasty and feature highly codified designs that indicated the social status of the owner.
  • Turkish rugs vary widely in thread count, designs and monetary value, making them a tricky investment for first-time rug buyers.
  • Bokhara rugs originate in Uzbekistan and feature oval motifs and clean, uncluttered backgrounds.
  • Geometric shapes and darker colors are characteristic of the Kilims rug, which is usually lighter and thinner than other antique Oriental rugs.

Personal preference will usually play a significant role in the selection process. Finding a rug you and your family will love for years to come can be a valuable investment for your South Florida home.

Special Rugs Require Special Care

Finding the right South Florida antique rug cleaning company can help you resolve issues with these valuable items of home décor. The experts at Infinity Rug Care can provide comprehensive cleaning and repair services for your antique rugs:

  • Reweaving and restitching services for minor frays and rips
  • Gentle but thorough cleaning services to remove stains and dust
  • Specialized pet stain treatments that eliminate odor and reduce damage to your valuable floor treatments

Our skilled and experienced technicians can restore your antique rug to ensure its longevity and beauty in everyday use.

As the leading South Florida antique rug cleaning company, Infinity Rug Care can deliver the best solutions for all your heirloom rugs and carpets. Call us today at 305-602-0048 to schedule your rug cleaning appointment. We look forward to the chance to serve you and your family.