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Do You Need Miami Beach Oriental Rug Cleaning?

Miami Beach, Florida, is one of the most scenic and beautiful resort destinations in the United States. Its famed Art Deco Historic District sets the tone for interior design and beach living in this popular community. Antique and Oriental rugs are among the most popular flooring choices for families in our area. Here are some helpful hints on choosing the right Miami Beach Oriental rug cleaning solutions for your prized rugs and carpets.


Invest in the Professional Touch

Washing your Oriental and antique rugs at home can lead to several serious issues, including the following:

  • Fading of bright or intense colors
  • Ripping or tearing of fabric
  • Mold growth inside pile or fibers
  • Muscle strains from lifting these heavy objects, especially when wet

Your professional Miami Beach Oriental rug cleaning company can take the work and worry out of the rug cleaning process by providing you with the muscle and the technical knowledge needed to keep your rugs and carpets in optimal condition. This can allow you to enjoy the benefits of clean and beautiful floor treatments for your Miami Beach home.

Eliminate Pet Odors and Stains

Pet lovers know that certain challenges come with the unconditional love and affection provided by these faithful companions. Working with a company that specializes in Miami Beach Oriental rug cleaning can ensure that pet stains and odors are removed from your valuable carpets and rugs. This can ensure a more pleasant environment for you, your family members, and your guests while discouraging repeat visits by your four-legged family companions.

Choose a Company With Experience

Working with a rug cleaning company that has accrued years of experience in the industry can provide you with added peace of mind during the entire cleaning process. Your rug technicians can often provide restoration and reweaving services to repair damaged rugs and to ensure the most beautiful appearance for these valuable items. This can enhance the décor of your home or office while ensuring that your rugs look their best year after year.

The rug cleaning professionals at Infinity Rug Care have the experience and expertise needed to ensure that your rugs and carpets stay fresh and beautiful for many years to come. We work with you to decide on the right solutions for your rugs and your budget. Call us today to schedule an appointment or to discuss your needs with us. At Infinity Rug Care, we are here to serve you.

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Each rug is carefully and meticulously treated in all stages of the cleaning process.


The rugs accumulate an amount of dust, sand, and dirt that we can't even imagine!

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Only with top of the line machines and a team of professional workers, the Rug can be correctly cleaned, sanitized, and protected. 

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We utilize increased airflow in combination with heat and low humidity to accelerate the process.

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The fringe is what gives a charm to the piece. As it is always more exposed to movement, it tends to damage over time, requiring its entire replacement or sometimes a simple repair will solve it.

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Does the carpet no longer fit in the new house or room? We have the solution for you.

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Edge Binding

In addition to making your rug more beautiful, it serves mainly to keep them from unraveling and wearing out prematurely.

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Color Restoration - Touch Up

No matter why some parts of the rug started to fade, a rug lover can't wait to see the original color back!

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Check out our other Repairs & Restoration as Reweaving, Replacing the Back, Shearing, Mold & Mildew Treatment and Stain Removal.

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Very well kind, oriented people that performed in a well professional manner. My carpet looks brand new!! Highly recommend

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This team had done an incredible job! Our area rug looks better than when we bought it! Very pleased with their customer service too! Amazing results!

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Had a great experience using this company. Employees were welcoming and extremely helpful when reviewing the process. They really knew their rugs and what it would take to clean pet stains. Saved us time and money rather than replacing rugs all together!

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