South Florida Rug Cleaning Services

The Vizcaya Museum and Gardens in Miami, Florida, is one of the cultural treasures of this area. Protecting this house and its furnishings from Hurricane Dorian required special care on the part of the staff members responsible for this process. Some staff members had prior experience in hurricane preparation during the leadup to Hurricane Irma in 2017. Some of the items housed at Vizcaya include marble statues, a harp dating back to the 18th century, more than 1,500 orchids and a 570-year-old antique rug. While most families in our area do not have the elite inventory possessed by the Vizcaya Museum, finding the right South Florida rug cleaning solutions is critical to protect the value of these heirlooms before and after hurricanes strike our area.

Preparing Your Rugs for Hurricane Season

Antique and heirloom rugs require special advance preparation when hurricanes are predicted. Rolling your rug, encasing it in plastic and storing it in an area away from windows and low-lying parts of your home is a practical way to reduce the risk of damage to your rugs during major storms. If your rug is damaged or stained by water and other storm debris, however, your local South Florida rug cleaning company will provide you with the most practical and cost-effective solutions for dealing with these issues quickly and efficiently.

Repair and Restoration Services You Can Depend On

At Infinity Rug Care, we use an exclusive 10-step cleaning process that will restore your rugs to their former beauty and functionality. We have the knowledge and the experience you need to deal with hurricane damage to your rugs and carpeting in the most efficient and practical way possible. Our team is committed to delivering the right solutions for your needs and your budget, which will allow you to weather the aftermath of major storms in the most positive way possible.

South Florida Rug Cleaning Services from Infinity Rug Care

If you need expert help with your South Florida rug cleaning needs, Infinity Rug Care will provide you with the best solutions and the most practical approach to restoring your antique, Oriental and heirloom rugs to their former beautiful appearance. Call our team today at 305-363-1710 to request a free estimate from us. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you.