Researchers at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration are predicting more floods this year and for years to come. Scientists are blaming rising sea levels and El Nino for the weather patterns that will continue to create added risks of flooding in as many as 40 areas across the U.S. Flooding can cause serious damage to homes and furnishings in our area. Working with a qualified and experienced South Florida rug repair and cleaning company is often the best way to resolve issues caused by flooding and water damage. This can protect these valuable family heirlooms and can promote the most beautiful surroundings for you and your family in the South Florida area.

Sunny-Day Flooding an Issue

Florida and other coastal states are at risk of sunny-day flooding, which is defined as flooding caused by high tides rather than rainstorms. This weather phenomena is expected to worsen throughout this century, with some coastal areas submerging and remaining underwater for about a third of the year by 2050. Increased risk of flooding will send some families seeking higher ground inland. For those who decide to stay, however, caring for rugs and carpets correctly will be a major priority after flooding causes issues for these valuable floor treatments.

The Value of an Established South Florida Rug Repair Team

Building a working relationship with a South Florida rug cleaning company will allow you to receive the fastest and most effective service for your antique and Oriental rugs. This can help you to keep your heirloom items looking their best and in immaculate condition year after year. Your rug repair and cleaning experts will provide you with the right options for your current and future needs and to remediate water damage after flooding or other issues in our area.

At Infinity Rug Care, we specialize in the South Florida rug restoration services you need to enjoy the most beautiful results for your home or business. We work with you to ensure that your antique and heirloom rugs look great and provide you with years of beauty and functionality. Call our team today at 954-951-8580 to discuss your rug cleaning and repair needs with our expert rug technicians. Infinity Rug Care is here to serve you.