Dusting Your Oriental Rug

Keeping your Oriental rugs in tip-top condition can be a challenge. Investing in regular south Florida rug cleaning can be a good first step toward proper care for these valuable items of home d├ęcor. Infinity Rug Care offers specialized services designed to keep your heirloom rugs clean and beautiful year after year. Here are some of the most effective strategies for dusting your rugs between professional cleanings.

Be Gentle

One of the most important points to remember during your South Florida rug care routine is that antique and Oriental rugs can be delicate. We recommend using an upholstery wand or canister vacuum to remove dirt and dust gently. Extended brushing or vigorous vacuuming is not recommended for most older rugs and carpets because it can tear or damage the delicate pile of these valuable floor treatments.

Turn Things Upside Down

A proven strategy for removing dust and dirt from smaller rugs is to turn them upside down and to run a vacuum cleaner carefully over the non-pile side of these rugs and carpets. This method can dislodge dirt that is trapped between carpet fibers and bring it to the surface of the Oriental or antique rug, allowing you to vacuum it away safely and easily when the rug is returned to its regular position.

Invest in Professional Help

Working with a company that offers professional South Florida oriental rug cleaning can ensure that your rugs look great and smell fresh. This can enhance your indoor environment and help you to maintain healthier indoor air for your whole family. Most rug experts recommend annual professional cleanings for Oriental rugs to promote the healthiest environment possible and to eliminate any stains or odors that could be associated with dusty or dirty rugs. More frequent cleanings may be required for families with pets or young children.

At Infinity Rug Care, we take pride in offering our customers the most effective solutions for cleaning and dusting your oriental rug. We serve the south Florida area with practical services designed with your needs in mind. Whether you need expert rug repairs or a simple annual cleaning, our technicians can deliver the right options for you. Call us today at 305-676-7325 to request a free estimate for cleaning or repairing your Oriental or antique rugs. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.