Clean Your Oriental RugDetermining whether you can clean your Oriental rug at home can be a challenging proposition. In some cases, newer rugs may have a label that outlines the steps necessary for cleaning these items safely. Antique or valuable rugs, however, should be entrusted to a professional Oriental rug cleaning company for the best results. At Infinity Rug Care, we can provide you with the most accurate guidance on cleaning your rugs at home or in our specialized south Florida facilities.

Cleaning Your Rug at Home

Before making any attempt to clean your rug, check for colorfastness by applying water to a small and less obvious area. If the dyes stay in place without any running or spreading, then it may be safe to immerse your rug in water. Sturdy rugs can be vacuumed to remove all surface dust and debris before washing. If you choose to use a mild rug shampoo, perform the same colorfastness test before applying the solution. This can prevent damage to the dyes and colors of your rug. Rinse your rug thoroughly and either hang dry or dry it flat in an area out of direct sunlight.

Specialized Care for Antique and Expensive Rugs

Investing in professional Oriental rug cleaning can protect the value and appearance of your expensive and heirloom rugs. Antique rugs can present special challenges that require the assistance of an experienced cleaning team. At Infinity Rug Care, we work with delicate and antique rugs to ensure the best results and to restore these items to a clean and fresh condition. We use a 10-step process that removes ground-in dirt and stains while providing the best protection for your valuable rug.

Infinity Rug Care can provide you with expert advice and guidance on cleaning your rugs at home or in our professional facilities. We are committed to providing you with the most cost-effective and practical solutions for your Oriental rug cleaning and repair needs. Give us a call at 561-349-4704 in Palm Beach County, at 954-607-3164 in Broward County or at 305-842-3014 in the Miami area. At Infinity Rug Care, we are here to serve all your rug repair and cleaning needs.