South Florida Oriental Rug Cleaning

Finding the perfect rug for your South Florida home can sometimes be a challenging process. A few key factors will have a big impact on the overall effect of your rug and the way in which it will enhance your home. Here are some points to keep in mind when choosing these elegant floor treatments.

Color Coordinate With Your Décor

Selecting a rug that complements the color scheme already in place can tie your room together to create a cohesive and beautiful look. Even a hint of similar colors can reflect your own personal aesthetic and can enhance the overall look of your décor without clashing or fighting with the current interior design scheme. When in doubt, compare the primary color of the rug you are considering with the predominant color of the furnishings and walls of your room. This can give you a good idea of the effect these changes will have on your décor.

Choose the Right Size

A rug that is too large will not fit comfortably into your room. Choosing a rug that is too small, by contrast, can sometimes create a cramped look for the entire area. A good rule of thumb is to leave at least a foot or two of space between the edge of your rug and the walls or large furnishings at the perimeter of your room. This will allow you to enjoy the most beautiful interior spaces possible.

Explore Your Configuration Options

Rugs are available in ovals, squares, rectangles and many other shapes ideal for your personal taste and your available space. A unique shape may offer added eye appeal. It is worth noting, however, that overly complex shapes could present difficulties during dusting and vacuuming in your South Florida home.

Plan for Regular Cleanings

Scheduling routine visits from a qualified South Florida Oriental rug cleaning company can help you protect your financial investment while ensuring that your home stays clean and fresh. Your South Florida Oriental rug cleaning company can often identify small snags and rips before they become major issues. Working with a rug cleaning company that also offers repair and reweaving services is a good way to deal with these problems quickly and at the lowest cost possible.

The South Florida Oriental rug cleaning experts at Infinity Rug Care can provide you with expert cleaning and repair services for antique, Oriental, Persian and many other types of rugs. Give us a call today at 305-697-4970. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.