South Florida Rug Cleaning Professionals


Oriental Rugs Are an Investment That Can Last a Lifetime

Finding the right investments can improve your financial situation and your quality of life. Oriental rugs offer a rare opportunity to enhance your South Florida home while making a potentially valuable investment for the future. These heirloom pieces can enhance...
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Helpful Hints for South Florida Rug Care

Oriental Rug Cleaning Hints As a leading South Florida Oriental rug cleaning company, Infinity Rug Care can provide you with professional help in keeping your valuable rugs in tip-top shape now and in the future. Our exclusive 10-step process is...
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Proactive Help for Pet Stains and Odors

Removing Pet Urine from Oriental Rug Pet urine and other pet-related stains can be very damaging to your antique or Oriental rugs. If your pets have engaged in a few indiscretions on your valuable floor treatments, Infinity Rug Care can...
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Dusting and Cleaning Your Oriental Rug

Keeping your Oriental rugs in tip-top condition can be a challenge. Investing in regular south Florida rug cleaning can be a good first step toward proper care for these valuable items of home décor. Infinity Rug Care offers specialized services...
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Exploring the World’s Most Expensive Carpets and Rugs

Oriental rugs have been treasured heirlooms and prized possessions for centuries. Today, they represent a significant investment for many families and can be a beautiful addition to your home’s décor. Antique rugs have commanded high prices in recent auctions. Here...
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